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Like other helpers of Nazi Germany, Italians have come to view themselves after the Second World War as victims of their overbearing ally rather than the willing collaborators that they were. In this original, meticulously researched exposé, Italian historian Luigi Reale lays this myth to rest by uncovering the dense network of concentration camps set up during the war all over the country to implement Mussolini’s racist laws. A must read.
Efraim Karsh, PhD
Research Professor of Middle East
& Mediterranean Studies, King’s College London

In this original research, Luigi Reale offers a rare analysis of the darkest side of Italian Fascism: the systematic imprisonment and torture of 'hostile' civilians, including Jews, Slavs and dissidents. Using case studies and comparisons with the Nazi concentration system, Reale shows that Italian Fascists developed their own racialized persecution and even, in some cases, leading to mass murder.
James Mayfield
Historian, PhD Fellow,
Stanford University
Director, Institute for Research of Expelled Germans

Luigi Reale's book is full of fascinating data and will give English readers an insight into an unpleasant aspect of Italian history that is often overlooked. In its pages I discovered the existence of a former POW camp, later used to intern Italian Jews, that was located just a few kilometres from a holiday home in the Marché where I stayed with my family. It was quite a shock to discover this fact several years later after enjoying the 'innocent' pleasure of the lovely countryside in that area. Such places deserve to be better known, not least so that they can be appropriately commemorated. Reale's book will help to achieve such a goal. It is another important stage in the process by which Italy is coming to terms with its past, stripping away the myth of the 'brave Italians' that predominates in the minds of many visitors from abroad. His book makes an important contribution to the scholarship on Italy under Mussolini and will help to change the historical map of the peninsular forever. That is no small achievement.
David Cesarani Research Professor in History
Royal Holloway, University of London

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